was born in 1995 of the Nike Air Max 95, to its unique structure, smooth lines and absolutely cool color is many shoe fan favorite and sought after. But the most special is that the side of the shoe to a change in the past, some of the traditional Nike used to Logo woosh way, the use of layered materials to Max Air 95 adds a distinctive fashion sense. The Nike once again with this classic shoe models, as the 2016 spring and summer launched this small fresh color design Blue Chalk". continue 95 streamlined appearance, to all white leather, suede, nylon mesh, etc. different materials together into the body of the shoe, heel blue Swoosh logo embroidery design, finally equipped with visual air max 360 air cushi cheap jordans online on, show the air permeability, simple, the characteristics of wild, and in sorching summer in order to give people a visual sense of cool and clean. Nike Air Max 95 new color design "Chalk Blue" has been designated by Nike retail stores such as TITOLO purchase, friends do not miss the love !shoe information: NIKE AIR MAX 95 "CHALK BLUE "color: White/Chalk Blue-Stealth: 749766-100.(written by headline robot Xiaomingbot) knitted cardigan to wear does not become a "village"? (author: headline: q) season, knitted cardigan is easy to wear, can resist the low temperature sooner or later, but also pose. So then the 77 all-match knitted cardigan, today we'll take a look at knitting cardigan outfit. Knitted cardigan Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping wear is not good, really be rustic, but wear well, not only can the modern queen and handsome, gentle and charming little woman. "Wear good" premise is "buy right", some buy wrong clothes, again good-looking girl also can "beat up" ~. 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Red lips have always been to enhance the gas field, for Yan value plus weapon, after watching these female stars of the red lip shape, really want to go technology may be the impact o Retro jordans for sale f the Sneaker, but now it seems that visvim shoe appearance rate and no past so high, but in the village of century, visvim has had no shortage of suction eye, such as the sale this week, the choice of two pairs of leopard. Classic FBT and CHRISTO are covered with rather bold leopard elements, and handcrafted luxury is still visible. Visvim FBT and CHRISTO each time will launch soon sold out, but the two pairs of special and temporary stock options leopard, interested friends can go to visvim FBT of the price of 68000 yen, CHRISTO price of 52000 yen. : in the future, Xiamen will increase the trade and industry to create brand support, and strive for the total amount in 2010 can double. This reporter l Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping earned yesterday from the second Brand Forum on both sides of the Taiwan straits. currently, Xiamen has 526 brands of trade and commerce at all levels of the country, province and city. Among them, the national brand: "A Well-Known Trademark in China" 9, "Chinese famous brand" 13, "China export brand" 4, "the most competitive brand" 2, "China Time-honored" 4; provincial brand: "Fujian famous brand" 161, "Fujian famous brand" 89; municipal brand: "Xiamen export brand" 28, "Xiamen city class a international freight forwarding enterprise" 23, "Xiamen famous trademark" 193. " 11th Five-Year" period, Xiamen will continue to increase the brand to the trade industry support policies for the brand of funds to supp cheap jordans for sale ort special funds, including the brand development of Xiamen main export enterprises support fund, Xiamen key commercial enterprises support funds. The brand development funds by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance allocated, mainly for brand building, brand competition, brand promotion, brand protection, brand award; Xiamen municipal key export enterprises to support funds provided by the Xiamen municipal finance, mainly support brands and products to develop the international market, in line with the conditions of the Xiamen export brand enterprises columns help for key export enterprises will obtain funds; and the Xiamen key commercial enterprises support funds provided by the Xiamen munici Cheap air jordans for sale pal finance, mainly to support business enterprises to improve the management level, and the island of commercial facilities. - director of the interview Xiamen own brand is still relatively small, Morning Post (reporter Kang Jinlong) Xiamen Trade Secretary Xiong Yanliang believes that the overall number of regional brands in Xiamen's trade and industry is still relatively small. In the top 526 provinces, cities and trade brands at all levels, the total number of national brands only 32, far less than the neighboring city of Quanzhou, Quanzhou has 98 state-level brands. two cities adjacent to the gap in the number of brands so why? Xiong Yanliang believes that there are two main reasons. The number of cheap jordans for sale mens private enterprises in Xiamen less, 17 national brand enterprises in Xiamen only 4 private enterprises, a large number of brand enterprises are foreign enterprises, although their brand reputation, such as DELL, Carrefour, WAL-MART and so on, but their own brand of brand is not Xiamen. The situation in Quanzhou is different, their enterprises are private enterprises, brands are their own, such as shoes, hats, clothing and so on. Secondly, most of Xiamen's exports are exported to foreign countries, while Quanzhou's trade products are the main domestic market, the main domestic market products, the Chinese people naturally understand more, but also easy to list the national brand. Xiong Yanliang said, in addition to a small number of, the current Xiamen trade industry brand still exists internationalization degree of low problem, the city's export enterprises own brand of less than 20%, 28 "Xiamen city"2012-05-25 13:14 source: network Author: anonymous clicks: Brazil Footwear Industry Association issued 2011 Annual industry report here today. Reported that last year, Brazil imported foreign shoes trade volume reached 428 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 40% over the previous year. Among them, China's exports of shoes to Brazil's trade volume increased by 16.4%. Brazil market, the fastest growing export shoes is Vietnam, an increase of 43%. Followed by Indonesia, an increase of 22.5%. the Brazil Footwear Industry Association published the 2011 Annual industry report here today. Reported that last year, Brazil imported foreign shoes trade volume reached 428 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 40% over the previous year. Among them, China's exports of shoes to Brazil's trade volume increased by 16.4%. Brazil market, the fastest growing export shoes is Vietnam, an increase of 43%. Followed by Indonesia, an increase of 22.5%. According to statistics, Brazil shoe industry association, 2011, Brazil footwear industry output value of 21 billion 760 million reais, unchanged from a year ago. However, production fell by 8.4%, from 894 million pairs of shoes in 2010 to 819 million last year. The number of jobs in the shoe industry has dropped to 335 thousand and 500, down 3.2% from the previous year (editor in chief: Asia shoe industry)Air Jordan 1 gold medal moment upper color 2013-12-08 22:17:19 Jordan Brand for the Olympic Games has introduced three "Gold Road" series of urban Special Edition Air Jordan 1, but now see this pair is the ultimate "gold moment" color. The Air Jordan 1 original plan and two pairs of "gold road" Air Jordan 1 into supporting "Olympic Suit" with the sale, and ultimately were given a higher level of "gold time" series. Shoes with a simple two-color mix of platinum to create, maintain a simple style white gold to highlight a sense, but at the same time such a mix of straightforward expression themes.